We are Aequasys

Aequasys is a technology service and support business specialised in providing tailored IT solutions to medium and large organisations.

We provide end-to-end services, from strategic planning and systems design to implementation, training and long-term assistance.

Our experienced and certified consultants deliver reliable and flexible top-notch services with a focus on best practice.

We make implementation easier, more successful and cost effective.

Our ambition is to become the first choice strategic technology partner for Tier-1 organisations in the Telecommunication, Finance and Government sectors.

Whether your top priority is increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, better security or stronger return on investment, we will take you to where you want to go.

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    We specialise in major IT infrastructure environments and have expertise across software, database, hardware, storage and network. Our goal is to help our clients build and manage highly reliable IT infrastructures. We provide tactical system analysis, architecture planning and deployment, security strengthening, data protection and availability, alignment to best practice, software specification, testing and trustworthy general advice.

    Our engineers are industry certified and backed by real world experience in large-scale, highly complex and critical environments. They are ideally positioned to assess technological needs and to integrate strategic change without upsetting the systems already in place.

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    Nowadays, businesses rely on their technology to gain a competitive edge. With technology moving so quickly, clearly mapping out future changes when developing a strategic plan can be challenging, especially for a large organisation. Technology changes should be integral to any strategic plan to ensure that a business doesn’t fall behind its competitors.

    Our specialised consultants possess a passion for technology coupled with real business skills and strategic foresight. With vast experience across a wide range of industries, they are ideally positioned to assist you in aligning technology to your organisation’s strategy.

    We provide consulting services such as strategic planning, project management, process engineering, software and hardware provisioning, IT staff recruitment, etc.

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    Formal training sessions still have their importance as long as they provide real, actionable skills that can be immediately implemented. Our experience with courses offered by vendors is that it is rarely the case. For this reason, we have developed our own range of courses that are very practical and can be easily customised to our clients specific environments They are delivered by our engineers and consultants who are well aware of the challenges faced by the trainees in their day-to-day operations.

    We provide technical and managerial courses.

    Technical courses: AIX, Linux, Informix, Oracle and Cisco .

    Managerial courses: skills relevant to the management of a technology enterprise, such as Leadership, IT Governance, IT Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Change Management, IT Assets Management, Budgeting for IT, etc.

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    We understand that prevention is the best policy and reaction to critical incidents must be swift and efficient.

    The Technical Support service we have developed is focused on monitoring the system in order to prevent incidents so that we are able to anticipate them and fix them before they worsen.

    Likewise, we aim at detecting as early as possible incidents that cannot be prevented. Our certified engineer can step in locally or remotely in order to fix the issue and put the system back online as soon as possible.

    We offer Technical Support on all the technologies within our areas of expertise, specifically AIX, PowerHA, LPAR, Solaris, Oracle and Informix.

    You can choose from a range of SLA to find the level of assistance that you require, from within office hours to follow-the-sun support.

    Why Choose Us ?

    Our technical skills speak for themselves. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we undertake our engagements as a true strategic partnership with our clients. This partnership is based on a framework for success that focuses on openness, courage, trust and honesty.
    We provide an open dialog ensuring progress, including risks and issues, are communicated clearly and promptly. Fundamental to our engagements is the provision of knowledge transfer: not only we deliver as per the project’s brief, but we also ensure that our clients learn from the experience.
    Our consultants are highly qualified and hold relevant certifications. They are experienced at making implementations easier and more successful. Since inception, every single one of our clients has become a reference site. We believe this to be a unique success story and are happy to share our complete list of references.